Pong '72

Note: Pong '72 is no longer available.

Pong '72 takes you back in time to 1972, the birth of Pong. Complete with tiny paddles (try Hard!), MONOCHROME graphics, high-fidelity 8-bit digital sound effects, and amazing gameplay like you've never seen before; before 1972 that is.

Think you were good at pong? Compete around the world with an online leaderboard and achievements.

Features include:
 - Realistic computer player with 3 skill levels
 - Volley challenge game
 - 2 player mode (on one device)
 - Online leaderboard
 - Nostalgic sound effects
 - Several screen colors to choose from (like amber and green from the 70's!)

Now with iOS4 multitasking and automatic game save, you will never lose your best game to an interruption.

Experience the game of Pong like it was when you were 38 years younger.

Pong '72 is OpenFeint Enabled.



Pong '72 Screenshots

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